Thanks for checking out We hope you enjoy our cakes.

All of our cakes are 99% edible. There may be a dowel & cardboard base to hold an item up, but that's about it. No styrofoam, no wood. Oh, and the "fishing line" on the boat cake is dental floss. Technically not a food, but someone can floss after eating a piece of cake. Mmmm, minty.

Monkey Cupcakes for Grace's 2nd Birthday. 2/23/13
Apple & Pumpkin Bushel Cake for Abby's 8th Birthday - Fall Festival. 10/21/12
PJ Cake for Abby's 8th Birthday - the movie night party. 10/20/12
Construction Cake for a 1st Birthday. 9/1/12
Bacon Cake. 5/23/12
Moon Cake for Nicole's 40th Birthday. 4/20/12
Treasure Chest Cake for Pirate Michael's 5th Birthday...Aargh! 4/15/12
Minnie Cake & Cupcakes for Grace's 1st Birthday. 2/23/12
Vibram Shoe. Toes. Look...Velcro!. Strap loop. Top. Front. 1/31/12
Braiiiins!!!. Zombie Motel & Brain Cake. 10/31/11
Kitchen Cake for Abby's 7th birthday. Counter. Cutting Board & Veggies, Pizza, Sink side, So small!. 10/16/11
Roasted Pig Cake. Front view. Guts. 8/27/11
Bushel of Crabs Cake. Basket. Crab. 7/3/11
Sorting Hat Cake. 6/25/11
Star Wars Tower. Republic vs. Empire. Happy Birthday, Michael.. 4/10/11
Bowling Cake. Bowling Cake Pins. Bowling Cake Ball Return. Bowling Cake Jen. 2/19/11
Hot Chocolate Cupcake. Hot Chocolate Cupcakes. 12/24/10
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Cake for our friend's baby's first birthday. Bottom Tier. One Fish, Two Fish..., Middle Tier, Top Tier, Narwhal. 11/20/10
Spa Cake for Abby's 6th birthday. Vanity, Chaise. 10/24/10
Boat Cake for my sister's friend. S.S. Happy Birthday. 7/10/10
Shrimp Cocktail anyone? Cool ice. 7/4/10
Michael's Turtle Party Cupcakes. And my army of turtles. 6/27/10
Michael's 3rd birthday cake - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Mickey's bustin' out! Oh, Toodles! Happy Birthday, Michael. 4/11/10
Here's the Pumpkin Scarecrow cake we made for Abby's 5th birthday. Pumpkin Scarecrow cake, front, back, 10/18/09
We made a Bubble Cake for my Michael's 2nd Birthday. It's a bottle of bubbles that fell into and spilled on the cake. Behind is a big bubble on a bubble wand.
Hmm, is it Yoda, or a crab? Crab Cake, from Crabfest '08, other side, close-up, 7/5/08
Thomas Train Cake - Face, Sheet cake with mountains, tunnels, and mini Thomas, both cakes, 4/12/08
Ham anyone? Front Side, 3/23/08
Pot o' Gold Cake with pulled sugar rainbow, 3/8/08
Castle Courtney Whole Cake, 2/23/08
Bowl of rice cake Side view, 12/29/07
Christmas tree & train, 12/24/07
Castle Abby, 10/13/07